Igor Ivanović lives art and fashion.

He entered the fashion industry for the first time as a model at the age of 19, to this day he holds the level of the first Serbian alternative model.He made an international career, worked in Paris and Milan. He has made a name for himself in the art and fashion industry where he is highly regarded. He studied at the Academy of Fashion Design in Belgrade, which he graduated in 2020, where during his studies he began to create certain pieces that he personally wanted to wear and thus build his style direction.
The stylistic direction he aspires to is conceptual art in the fashion industry.

On October 8, 2022, he launched Fashion Art Work, at the 50th Belgrade Fashion Week, with Fashion Art Work and an installation (scenography) on the theme of TESKOBA, and at the same time an announcement for his first and independent fashion show. 23.10.2023. published the first digital fashion show OŠTRICA-EDGE, which turned out to be very good. After that he participated in BAFE (Balkan Art Fashion Event). 12/12/2023, where a mini revue was presented on PULS-346-PLUS.


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